JCCBI’s 40th anniversary : 1964 to 1987

18 April 2019

To celebrate this 40th anniversary, JCCBI is inviting the public to take a journey back in time with an interactive timeline and a souvenir photo album to learn more about the major achievements and daring solutions that our local experts have developed over the years.

1976 : The Jacques Cartier Bridge at the time of construction of the Olympic Basin.

Photo : Archives Ville de Montréal


60’s: The construction of the Champlain Bridge on the side of the City of Brossard

Photo : Brossardana


1983: the Jacques Cartier Bridge in the early 80s.

Photo : Archives Ville de Montréal


1964 : Graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and employee of the Office du film du Québec, the photographer, Henri Rémillard shows us the Champlain Bridge seen from the South Shore of Montreal, during a summer night of 1964. It demonstrates his interest in innovation in the field of construction and engineering.

Photo : Henri Rémillard


1964: View of the Champlain Bridge

Photo : Archives Ville de Montréal


1983: The Champlain Bridge with an unobstructed aerial view of the St. Lawrence River; residential neighborhoods; 132 road; the Estacade and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Photo : Brossardana

Photo album