Illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge, only a few months to go…

2 November 2016

The illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge is a flagship project for the celebrations of Montreal’s 375th anniversary and Canada’s 150th anniversary. This innovative concept will enchant young and old alike with a dynamic lighting display that changes with the activity of the city, its inhabitants, and the seasons. A unique multidisciplinary project that reflects Montreal’s creative and engineering genius, Living Connections will become an exceptional Montreal landmark that will cement the city’s reputation as a can’t-miss destination!

The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) is proud to lend its expertise to this project that will bring people together and highlight Quebec’s expertise. Over 200 people from various professions are working hard on this project that combines the creative genius of Moment Factory and its staff with the technical expertise of JCCBI, WSP-AECOM and Pomerleau.

The illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge will definitely strike the imagination as it showcases the city’s incredible heritage.

Installation and technical testing

Work to install the lighting systems on the bridge’s superstructure started in September and is going well. The steel supports and components of the electrical and telecommunications infrastructure are currently being manufactured. Scaffolding and platforms are also gradually taking shape on the sidewalk and above the multipurpose path. The first steel supports are scheduled to be installed in November, followed by installation of the lights and a gradual start-up over the winter.

After a conclusive initial series of factory tests of individual light performance, a second series of tests of the control systems and telecommunications networks will start at the end of November. The goal is to test all lights for equipment interoperability and response time and to adapt the design as needed.

mise en lumiere

Gradual installation of lights over the winter

To make the most of the available time and accelerate the installation process, the steel supports, electrical wiring and 2,800 projectors and tube lighting will be divided into forty different groups. After each group is installed, experts will perform technical testing to ensure the equipment and control systems are working properly before they link up the next group. This gradual installation will accelerate the start-up and eliminate any problems along the way. All lights will be numbered to make it easier to program and maintain them. Two surveillance cameras installed on either side of the structure will monitor the status of the lights in real time.

Overall equipment functionality will be tested this spring before the project is inaugurated on May 17, the day of Montreal’s 375th anniversary.  

In 2017, come see Living Connections and experience one of the world’s most unique project! Visit our website at www.JacquesCartierChamplain.ca to learn more about the project.