Île des Soeurs sector | Significant trucking activities: construction of the temporary St. Lawrence Seaway dike jetty begins July 5

5 July 2021

  • The construction of the temporary jetty of the Seaway dike, measuring 300 meters by 62 meters, will begin on July 5 and will last approximately three months.
  • This work will generate significant transport activities (3 months X 20 days X 80 transports/day weekday), in order to transport 120,000 tonnes of materials.
  • The trucks will take Gaétan Laberge Blvd., the Hwy. 15-South, the Chemin de la Pointe-Nord exit, the Alexandre Graham Bell crossroads, the Jacques-le Ber crossroads and René-Lévesques Blvd. 
  • The period authorized in water to carry out this work is between July 1 and October 1 to respect the fish spawning period.