Get a peek inside a peregrine falcon nest on the Honoré Mercier Bridge!

13 February 2019

This year, the Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) is innovating and will install a camera in a nesting box on the Honoré Mercier Bridge to track the behaviour of peregrine falcons during their nesting period.

“The goal of the camera is to collect more accurate data about the birds’ nesting period, such as the number of eggs, the time of egg-laying and hatching, when the fledglings start to fly, and the survival of their young,” explains Stéphane Vaquette, from the Engineering, Environment Directorate at JCCBI.

The Corporation installs nesting boxes to control the nesting area and avoid disturbing the birds during work periods. Since 2002, JCCBI has worked with Falcon Environmental Services (FES) to set up compensatory and mitigation measures to help these birds.

Marie-Line Fiola from Falcon Environmental Services mentions that this camera will also help them tag baby falcons at just the right moment. “Baby falcons can only be tagged 20 to 25 days after they hatch, which we’ve never been able to do so far,” she added. Tagging will also help the scientific community follow the migration of this species.

FES has been keeping count and tracking falcon nests on all JCCBI structures since 2011, and no fewer than 34 healthy falcons have hatched in that time.

JCCBI will post a short update about how the falcons are doing along with the best pics of the falcons and their babies. Stay tuned this spring!