Generosity all year long

22 February 2018

In December, we recognized our employees’ contribution to L’Entraide Chez Nous, a Longueuil charity that provides first-line services such as food support, clothing and furniture services, housing assistance, support for people with losses of independence or who have lost a loved one, a community store, and return-to-work support.

Although we see many messages during the holidays that encourage us to give, we have to remember that it’s also important to give throughout the year—and not just our goods and money, but also our time!

During our time at L’Entraide Chez Nous, we met Dany Simonneau, a construction worker and neighbour of the centre who lends his handyman talents to people with limited physical abilities. “In Beauce, where I come from, everyone knows each other and helps each other a lot. That’s how I was raised, and helping others is one of my values. When I moved to Longueuil, it was natural for me to keep helping people in need in the community.” 

For Dany, helping others is a way of life: every evening when he comes home from work, he stops by the centre to ask if anyone could use his services. Since getting involved with L’Entraide Chez Nous, he has met many people and helped them in many ways. He spoke with emotion about an elderly woman whose dog he walked every day for two years. Along with taking care of her dog, he helped ease the isolation and loneliness of this woman, who recently passed away.

Dany says that needs are constant and highly varied. Any assistance people can provide is welcome. If you have a bit of time to offer, don’t hesitate to go to the centre or call them, even if you only have a day or two in the year. Even a small gesture can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Learn more about L’Entraide Chez Nous: http://entraidecheznous.org/