Feel the energy with François Laforest, Master Electrician at JCCBI.

20 February 2017

This month’s employee profile features a profession we don’t come across often here at JCCBI, but his work is essential to keeping our structures operational. Meet François Laforest, Master Electrician.

As a child, François didn’t want to become an electrician like his father. He always told himself he would pursue another career. But this youngest of ten children ended up following in his dad’s footsteps anyway, and he has now been an electrician for over 25 years. With a DEC in instrumentation and control, his career path brought him to JCCBI, where he has worked for almost seven years.

He started his career with several jobs near his native region of Sorel-Tracy. And he definitely never got bored: he worked at Marconi on its military radio telecommunications products and then in naval construction at Marine Industries . He was also an electrical foreman at Nortel  and many other companies. One of his most memorable experiences was turning on a 230,000-volt power line for the first time: it created an arc flash that could be seen hundreds of meters away.

When François found out about JCCBI’s job opening, he couldn’t help but apply. He has skills not only in electricity but construction too. And he isn’t afraid of heights!

“I need to laugh and make people laugh!” says François, who needs to take pleasure in his work and who couldn’t do his job if he didn’t enjoy it. Always ready to help and share his expertise, he cares a great deal about doing things right. Once Monday morning rolls around, he knows exactly what he has to do for the week. However, nothing at JCCBI is routine, and he has to be ready for the unexpected. Street lights hit by a vehicle or traffic lights on the fritz are also part of his daily schedule, on top of his weekly inspections.

Another passion that François keeps well hidden is woodworking. He took up this hobby just for fun and started working with all types of wood. His family loves his creations so much, he’s now overwhelmed with requests!

Thank you, François, for keeping the lights on at JCCBI.