Fatima Ait Haddou – Trainee JCCBI

14 August 2017

Every year, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) welcomes engineering students as interns. We think that there’s no better way to train future engineers than by letting them apply the concepts they learn in school.

Fatima Ait Haddou is one of the lucky students chosen in 2017 to come work at JCCBI as an intern. A civil engineering student at Polytechnique Montréal, Fatima has been in the engineering sector for a few years now. Her brother, who is also an engineer, definitely had an influence on her decision.

After initially focusing on math as her area of study, Fatima decided to make the leap to engineering. She’s very happy she did and has no regrets about her choice as she develops new skills at JCCBI.

For eight months, she has been at the Champlain Bridge Project Office where she is mainly involved with the Champlain Bridge Ice Control Structure. She collects information from the supervisor and produces a daily report on work progress and issues. With the help of the entire team, she is constantly growing her technical vocabulary and fine-tuning her reporting skills.

She has also gained a true feel for how work has evolved on the structure and has developed a critical eye, which is always welcome!

What she likes most at JCCBI is getting to work closely with different types of staff. She has also learned about the full scope of a project from the project manager’s standpoint. Everything she learns helps her with her studies, as she can apply her knowledge from the classroom directly in the field.

Of course, her internship and school together require a lot of time and compromises. If Fatima ever feels fatigued, she draws energy from her child’s eyes and promises herself that she’ll never give up. What a great example!

We wish you the best of success in your career as an engineer.