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Testimonial - Véronique Robitaille
June 3, 2021 Career
Testimonial - Véronique Robitaille
Véronique Robitaille
Director, Environment, Sustainability
How long have you been working on the Jacques Cartier Bridge and what does your day-to-day work involve?  

I’ve been working at JCCBI for a year as the Director Environment and Sustainability 

Every day, the Environment and Sustainability team works to provide sound environmental management for the Jacques Cartier Bridge. This means complying with applicable environmental and sustainable development laws and regulations as well as implementing and integrating recognized best environmental practices to protect, preserve and enhance the territory. Consulting with various groups affected by the management of the Jacques Cartier Bridge is also one of our core priorities. 


What impact does the Jacques Cartier Bridge have on the environment? What measures are you putting in place to mitigate this impact? 

The environmental footprint of the Jacques Cartier Bridge, either due to the structure itself or from maintenance or development activities around the structure, degrades the natural environment around the bridge. For example, maintenance activities that leave residual materials (e.g., deicing salts) change the natural environment. To minimize this impact, weve implemented an environmental management system to monitor the different types of work and keep track of the species that live on or near the bridge. 


How has the environmental and sustainable development approach changed to maintain a major structure like the Jacques Cartier Bridge? 

In recent years, the emphasis on sustainable development in JCCBI’s mission, along with input from experts and the public, has helped incorporate environmental, social and economic aspects into decision-making. This collaborative approach has let us position ourselves as an innovative leader in sustainable development, a position we are very proud of and that we intend to maintain into the future. 


How would you describe the Jacques Cartier Bridge in one word?


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