Testimonal - Mohammadreza Moradiankhabiri | PJCCI
Testimonal - Mohammadreza Moradiankhabiri
June 3, 2021 Career
Testimonal - Mohammadreza Moradiankhabiri
Mohammadreza Moradiankhabiri
Research and Development Lead
How long have you been working on the Jacques Cartier Bridge and what does your day-to-day work involve? 

I’ve been working on the Jacques Cartier Bridge for over four years, even before I started my career at JCCBI. I oversee research and development contracts.  

In terms of innovation, what has been your biggest challenge to ensure this structure lasts until its 90th year? 

As a structural engineer, I find that evaluating this iconic structure’s seismic performance and reinforcing it against seismic forces have been some of my most interesting challenges. 


What is the most innovative process that you’ve had to develop for the Jacques Cartier Bridge? 

In the Research and Applications Directorate, were always looking for more innovative practices for all our structures. New materials to repair concrete along with predictive analyses of component life spans are good examples of this. For the Jacques Cartier Bridge, experimental wind tunnel studies and the development of a special sensor to assess the condition of steel components are also very beneficial innovative practices. 



Do you know how long the Jacques Cartier Bridge will last? What does its longevity depend on? 

It’s very difficult to estimate its exact lifespan, which will depend on how well the bridge is maintained. As we develop our knowledge of bridge behaviour, we will be able to increase its service life over time.  

Properly applying the knowledge from our various expert maintenance studies will be key to ensuring that the Jacques Cartier Bridge lasts as long as possible. 

How would you describe the Jacques Cartier Bridge? 

An extraordinary structure and a work of art 

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