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Roxanne Gratton, MSc (Geology), Environment and Sustainable Development Specialist
Roxanne Gratton, MSc (Geology)
Environment and Sustainable Development Specialist
Every day, the Environment and Sustainability team works to provide sound environmental management. This means complying with applicable environmental and sustainable development laws and regulations as well as implementing and integrating recognized best environmental practices to protect,…
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Testimonial - François Laforest
François Laforest
Senior electrician, JCCBI
Few people have the opportunity to visit [the ballroom located in the Île Sainte-Hélène Pavilion] because it is inaccessible to the public and, in my opinion, the original staircase in the tower located on the side of La Ronde is spectacular and would be an ideal place to shoot action films.   
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Testimonal - Mohammadreza Moradiankhabiri
Mohammadreza Moradiankhabiri
Research and Development Lead
In the Research and Applications Directorate, we’re always looking for more innovative practices for all our structures. New materials to repair concrete along with predictive analyses of component life spans are good examples of this. For the Jacques Cartier Bridge, experimental wind tunnel…
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