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Benefits of working at JCCBI

Professional development goals 

All employees can discuss their development paths with their managers as part of their performance evaluations, which consist of clarifying expectations and enhancing employee-manager communications.  

The goal is to establish a mutual commitment to organizational goals while providing employees with stimulating challenges. 

Training opportunities 

JCCBI encourages its employees to build and develop the knowledge they need for their work.  

All permanent and temporary staff members (with contracts of over 12 months) can take training or attend lectures that are relevant to their current or future duties.  

JCCBI will cover any costs related to tuition, registration fees, textbooks, travel, meals and accommodation for this training. 

Focus on health and wellness 

Health and wellness are essential to the organization’s success and to the physical and psychological health of all employees. This is a basic responsibility and a priority that underpins all of JCCBI’s actions.

Fitness program 

The organization contributes to the health of employees by helping them stay physically fit. For example, JCCBI’s fitness program reimburses a portion of the direct costs for a sports activity for eligible employees. 

Group insurance plan with great benefits 

JCCBI provides its employees with very good group insurance coverage. This plan is available to all employees with contracts of over six months: 

​Long-term disability (LTD) with La Capitale

Employees who are eligible for La Capitale group insurance also have access to long-term disability (LTD) coverage. Because LTD involves a 119-calendar-day waiting period, JCCBI has created its own short-term disability plan (described below). 

Short-term disability – JCCBI Program 

JCCBI offers its employees short-term disability (STD) coverage that goes into effect during the 119-calendar-day waiting period for La Capitale’s LTD coverage. 

Flexible and generous working hours 

JCCBI lets employees work flexible schedules. The goal is to help staff achieve a better work-life balance while effectively meeting the Corporation’s organizational needs. 

Statutory and year-end holidays

JCCBI recognizes 13 statutory holidays during the year. 

To allow employees to fully enjoy the year-end holiday season, JCCBI has set up a program to completely close its offices between Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

Be entitled to received the public service pension fund 

Since JCCBI is a federal Crown corporation, its employees participate in the public service pension fund, which is a “defined benefit plan.” 

Interns: Take advantage of exceptional opportunities 

Every year, JCCBI trains the next generation by opening its doors to interns!  

All of our departments are regularly looking for young people who want to put their classroom learning into practice. Stay tuned for our offers so that you don’t miss an opportunity to discover our exciting work environment.  

All of our internships are paid, and you will get intensive support from your supervisor as you work alongside our teams in the field. 

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