Revalorization of the land under the Jacques Cartier Bridge

22 April 2021

For JCCBI, the importance of revalorizing its infrastructures by putting the environment and citizen access at the center of its priorities is paramount. The Jacques Cartier Bridge land revalorization plan was developed with these values in mind. Indeed, since 2020, major work has been undertaken west of De Lorimier Avenue between De Maisonneuve East Boulevard and Érié Street. Throughout the process, JCCBI worked together with the various stakeholders in a sustainable development perspective.

Among the many revalorization efforts undertaken, we can mention:

  • The installation of bioretention basins to manage the water drained from the Jacques Cartier Bridge.
  • Pedestrian paths.
  • The planting of trees, shrubs, and perennials.
  • Access roads for maintenance.

Also, the selected street furniture includes recycled glass and access to the site from the sidewalk will be universal. The redesign of the land is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2021.