Cancelled – Complete closure of Bonaventure Expressway, from Île-des-Soeurs toward downtown, and complete closure of Gaetan-Laberge Blvd, toward downtown from exit 60 of the Hwy-15 North, on Monday, September 14

11 September 2020

WORK CANCELLED (updated on September 14)

Complete closure of Bonaventure Expressway toward downtown, from Île-des-Soeurs, including complete closure of the access ramp to Bonaventure Expressway:

  • from the Jacques-Le Ber roundabout
  • from the North Point roundabout
  • and from Exit 58 of Hwy-15 North (access to Île-des-Soeurs remains accessible)

Complete closure of Gaetan-Laberge Blvd toward downtown, from exit 60 of Hwy-15 North

  • On Monday, September 14, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
  • For roadworks.