A tunnel still also young, even 60 years later!

The Melocheville Tunnel turns 60 this week! At 227.6 metres long and 28.5 metres wide, this underground structure is made up of 18 caissons and a traffic lane in each direction, a sidewalk on the north side, and three ventilation shafts (one air exhaust and two air intakes). Construction on the structure, which was formerly called the “Beauharnois Tunnel,” began in 1956 and finished in 1957. As an extension of Hwy. 132, the tunnel was built during the construction of the Beauharnois Canal. Called a masterpiece of engineering by many, the tunnel passes under the canal from Beauharnois to Melocheville and is an integral part of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Nearly 1.7 million vehicles pass through the tunnel every year. Let’s wish this little-known tunnel that links the downtown sector to the West sector of Bauharnois another six decades of safe crossings!