Bonaventure Sector

A main gateway to downtown Montreal

Bonaventure Expressway

The Bonaventure Expressway was built to create a third approach to the Champlain Bridge. It was also meant to let motorists travel directly to the downtown core, and it became the main access road to the Expo 67 site. The Bonaventure Expressway was inaugurated on April 21, 1967, or seven days before the start of Expo 67.


Repair work

As the Bonaventure Expressway is over 50 years old, JCCBI has implemented a number of repair programs on this structure over the years. Recently, in collaboration with École Polytechnique de Montréal, the Corporation carried out a research project to repair elements of this structure with ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPFC).

Innovative environmental project

Did you know that this sector was used in the past as a landfill for industrial and household waste? The Corporation therefore carried out an innovative environmental project to protect the St. Lawrence River from groundwater contaminants. Get more details


Clément Bridge

Built in 1966 and inaugurated in 1967 at the same time as the Bonaventure Expressway, the Clément Bridge connects the Bonaventure Expressway to Île des Sœurs and the Samuel De Champlain Bridge.