Changes to multipurpose path chicanes

9 April 2018

As you have surely noticed, this year JCCBI has changed the chicanes on the multipurpose path. This was done to reduce speeds in the bicycle lanes by narrowing the path. The chicanes were changed to enhance the safety of everyone who uses the bicycle lanes.

We want to remind users that the multipurpose path is used not only by cyclists, but also by many pedestrians and runners.

There are 5 chicanes for the bridge’s descents: 2 on the Longueuil side, 1 on the Montreal side, and 2 near the Île Sainte-Hélène pedestrian crossing.

These robust chicanes are vandal- and weather-resistant. They each have a positioning rod that keeps them closed during the summer or open for emergencies or snow removal in winter (if the path is kept open during the winter season).

The distance between the barriers is wide enough for bicycles as well as bicycles with child trailers to pass through.

In the coming weeks, JCCBI will add signs and reflective material so that users can see the chicanes in the dark.

Thank you and enjoy the cycling season!