Around campus – McGill SURE Poster Presentation Fair

14 August 2017

On August 10, two people from our Centre for Infrastructure Innovation, Sylvie Boulanger, Senior Director, and Soufyane Loubar, Senior Engineer, visited the McGill University campus to meet with students in the Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE) program.

Sylvie and Soufyane heard students present the research projects they conducted during the 16 weeks of the program and beyond. They also had the chance to meet and talk with some of them. Two SURE projects directly pertain to one of the Centre’s research contracts to evaluate carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer strips as shear reinforcements for existing bridge girders.

“We were impressed by the energy of the students we met at the McGill SURE Poster Presentation Fair. Their energy and spirit of innovation are reassuring: our future researchers will be driven and inspired,” said Sylvie Boulanger.