A spectacular operation: The “River Giant” to dismantle 30 spans from over the river

29 July 2021

At the end of June, the “River Giant” began dismantling the 30 spans of the original Champlain Bridge in the seaway sector using a unique platform system mounted on six lifting towers installed on a “mega barge.”

Photo: The “River Giant” that dismantles the spans

When extended to their maximum height, these towers lift the work platform as high as a 9-storey building. On average, the deconstruction cycle of a span—from recovery by the lifting system and the deconstruction on the platform to the removal of waste by barge—takes about ten days.

However, weather conditions and specifically strong winds, very cold temperatures or heavy precipitation could extend this cycle by a few days.   

Image: Work platform that can reach as high as a 9-storey building