Update on work on the Champlain Bridge

28 February 2018

On Friday, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) took part in a technical briefing organized by the consortium Signature on the Saint Lawrence (SSL) to provide an update on how work is progressing on the New Champlain Bridge.

Although the consortium has made major progress recently in the construction of the new bridge, the government has asked JCCBI to implement the required measures to keep the current Champlain Bridge open to traffic until summer 2019, if necessary, in order to ensure user safety and maintain service.

JCCBI has therefore been performing priority work on the existing bridge, including work on 20 pier caps, to maintain safety standards. Work on these pier caps will be complete at the end of June, and 10 more pier caps will be reinforced by the end of 2018, as per the recommendations of our expert consulting firm.

If the commissioning of the New Champlain Bridge is delayed, 9 other pier caps will be reinforced, if necessary, by April 2019.

JCCBI is closely monitoring the structure through its inspection program, its real-time monitoring system, and its reinforcement program.

JCCBI is investing the funds required to maintain this vital corridor for Montreal’s economy, as $20 billion in goods cross the Champlain Bridge each year.