TOP 5: Advice from civil engineers

10 February 2017

Being a civil engineer means…

Raphaël Lavoie, Eng., JCCBI Project Coordinator

IMG 1-01“Getting to work on large-scale projects that have a direct impact on both users and local populations. It also means realizing the scope of your professional duty when it comes to making decisions to keep users safe.”

IMG 2-01“Learning much more than technical standards and project management processes: you have to learn human nature. It means carrying out long-term projects with all sorts of stakeholders and partners with unique personalities and priorities.”


Linda Sau, Eng., JCCBI Construction Engineer

IMG 3-01“Facing challenges big and small that let you constantly develop your technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.”  


Marc-André Marcoux, Eng., M.Eng., JCCBI Project Coordinator

IMG 4-01“Working on a multitude of diverse projects (e.g., bridges, buildings, sewer and water systems, roads, parks, underground telecommunications networks, electric vehicle chargers) that directly improve residents’ quality of life and environment.”

IMG 5-01“Managing a multitude of problems and issues that aren’t technical at all. It means solving environmental, legal, ethical and political problems that take time and energy and that we aren’t always prepared for in university.”