East sector of the Solution Bonaventure: The system is ready to keep hydrocarbons from flowing into the St. Lawrence River

1 December 2017

Construction work on the infrastructure in the east sector of the Solution Bonaventure environmental project is complete, and users of the Bonaventure Expressway can now go back to using all three lanes towards Montreal.

“The run-in period has been very conclusive. The 127 wells that extract hydrocarbons from the groundwater are doing their work, and our two pumping stations can now start the phase to recover these compounds,” explained Philippe Larouche, the Environment Engineer dedicated to the project. “The volume of hydrocarbons that can be extracted from the soil is always difficult to estimate. In the coming months, we’ll start the operation phase, when our important task will be to optimize the system to maximize hydrocarbon extraction.”

The Solution Bonaventure environmental project aims to tackle a century of pollution with state-of-the-art and innovative systems to contain and treat contaminated groundwater. In the east sector, a retaining wall will stop hydrocarbons from flowing into the St. Lawrence River.

This important project is a concrete way to improve the river’s water quality thanks to mitigation measures that stop the migration of contaminated groundwater into this jewel of our ecological heritage.

To learn more about the project, watch this video and find out how this complex and innovative system was implemented and how it works.