Major Roadwork Blitzes two Weekends in May

1 May 2017


Please note that the major work blitz involving a complete closure of the Champlain Bridge toward Montreal that was supposed to take place last weekend has been postponed until the weekend of June 3 to 4 due to the construction workers strike.

Two major roadwork blitzes will take place at the Champlain Bridge. These blitzes will entail replacing 2 expansion joints and the repair of 2 other expansion joints on the bridge’s deck, and thus result in complete closure to all traffic in one direction at a time. The work will be performed during the weekends of May 20-21 and June 3-4, from Friday at 10 p.m. to Monday at 5 a.m.

This roadwork is essential in order to avoid that water creep into cracks between lanes and damage some of the bridge’s structural members. Expansion joints fill the space between the bridge’s spans, which are mutually independent. They also enable traffic to flow safely, since they prevent discontinuity in the pavement.

These blitzes will allow to complete various maintenance work operations and in some cases, contractors and other partners will also conduct work during these blitzes to keep additional lane road closures down to a minimum for users.


BLITZ 2: Weekend of June 3-4

As part of this blitz, two expansion half-joints will be replaced on the Champlain Bridge’s downstream side, which will lead to the following road network restrictions:

  • Complete closure of the Champlain Bridge toward Montreal
  • Closure of all access ramps to the Champlain Bridge from Hwy. 10 West and Hwy. 132
  • Closure of one out of three lanes on the Champlain Bridge towards the South Shore

This work is being closely coordinated with our provincial and municipal transportation and public safety partners. The Honoré Mercier Bridge, Victoria Bridge and Jacques Cartier Bridge will be available to compensate for the closures on the Champlain Bridge. Work-site signage and variable messaging signs will be installed to inform users of the closures and detour routes. Police will be present throughout these weekends.

Note that this work could be postponed to a later date because of unsuitable weather conditions.

To get updates about the work, follow us on Twitter @pontChampBridge. Users can also subscribe to SMS alerts to plan their travel with the integrated dashboard, which includes live traffic conditions, traffic cameras, in-progress road closures or obstructions, and the seven-day work schedule on the Corporation’s structures.