Great honours for the Jacques Cartier Bridge illumination

5 December 2017

All the work put into managing stakeholders for the illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge was recognized with an Élixir “Best of Projects” award given out by PMI-Montréal on December 4.

The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) lent its expertise to pilot this project that brought so many people together. Under the critical eye of the media and in a context of political austerity, JCCBI used exemplary stakeholder management to get partners on board, sway public opinion, and generate interest and pride in the project unveiling.

Internal and tripartite committees with representatives from JCCBI, 375MTL and Moment Factory helped track the project, clarify roles, and maintain stakeholder commitment.

The JCCBI team also managed a number of stakeholders individually to proactively ensure that the light fixtures and installation work did not impact transportation activities or wildlife preservation.

During the project, the JCCBI team held meetings with key local influencers, took the media on site tours, and participated in public forums and interviews to reveal the scope of the challenges while providing a behind-the-scenes view of this major project.

On May 17, over 400,000 people came to the shores of the river and 1.8 million Greater Montreal residents tuned in to watch the inaugural light show on the Jacques Cartier Bridge thanks to this open, transparent and connected communications strategy.